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Chisapani Trek Overview

Chisapani Trek is perfect adventure for people who are under budget with limited time but still want to explore the beauty of Nepal. This trek begins from 1 hour drive to east from Kathmandu reaching a beautiful place called Sundarijal. As it lies at height of 2160m, the way to Chisapani is definitely filled with astonishing sights of Annapurna, Gaurishankar, Manaslu, and Dorje Lakpa mountain ranges, and small cultural villages. Chisapani is situated in Shivpuri National park which certainly offers you views of green forest and lot of other species. Chisapani, being a gateway to Langtang, Goisaikunda and Nagarkot you can continue your Journey to other beautiful places.

Highlights of Chisapani Trek

  • Short trek yet very beautiful.
  • Diverse flora and fauna of Shivapuri National Park
  • Stunning view of Annapurna range, Gaurishankar, Dorje Lakpa, etc.

Best time to go Chisapani

Remember you can go Chisapani at any time you prefer. You just need to be ready according to the seasons. However, the best season to go Chisapani is spring, (March to May) and September to November. December- February is also possible and offers you beautiful views of Rhododendrons forest. However monsoon season (July and August) is not ideal for visiting Chisapani due to heavy rainfalls.


As we mentioned earlier, Kathmandu to Chisapani is not so long yet beautiful journey. You can enjoy this trip in around 2-3 days. This is best for people who have limited time and money.

Packing List

Clothing and equipment
Even though you will not require heavy packing to travel Chisapani you might still need some important things. Here are few things you can pack for your 2-3 days journey.

  • Warm jackets sunglasses
  • Wind cheater summer/winter hats Trekking boots camera
  • Pairs of shocks charger/adapter/power bank Flip-flops money/cash
  • Raincoats water bottles
  • Trekking trousers and shorts travel towel
  • Long and half sleeve T-shirts/shirts wash kit
  • Walking stick safety kit
  • Backpack passports
  • Sleeping bag hand sanitizers Waterproof jackets torch lights

Safety/ security/ fitness

Since Chisapani village is really near to Kathmandu and doesn’t lie at very high altitude it doesn’t require previous experiences or extra fitness. However if you are severely sick you can postpone your travel and keep it for later so that you can have complete enjoyment. It is always better to prepare yourself by running, and doing light exercise before going to any trek. You do not have to worry about altitude sickness, there is a very low chance of having difficulties with height. However a personal safety kit is required for some small injuries as you have to walk for hours to reach Chisapani.

Other requirements

Insurance- travel insurance is kind of a mandatory thing before traveling anywhere. You can always purchase your own travel insurance from your travel agencies. It usually cost around 150$(15000 NRS) good for 30 days. You need to give them complete details about the places and altitudes you will be reaching because your insurance depends on details you have given earlier.

Nepal visas/passports – foreigners other than Indians need to have valid visas and passports prior to visiting Nepal. The passport must hold minimum 6 months of visa validity from their date of arrival. They can have the Nepalese visa at Kathmandu Tribhuwan International airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature and weather
The climate here in Chisapani is generally warm and mild cold. Here, the average temperature can range from 22- 25 degree Celsius. June being the hottest month has a temperature of 28 degree Celsius and January marks the lowest temperature which is 12 degree Celsius.
Accommodation and food
Accommodation- you can get enough choices for accommodation in cities and Kathmandu. However on the way to Chisapani you have to stay on small yet very comfortable tea houses. They are very welcoming and also offers welcome and farewell dinner to their guest. They provide small rooms with single beds. Clean blankets, bed sheets and pillow is available. Toilets or washroom has to be shared with others. Food- from traditional food, Dal Bhat, curry and pickle, they serve you Tibetan, continental and Indian foods which are very healthy and delicious. You must expect 2000 3000 NRS to travel Chisapani including food and accommodation for 2-3 days.
Permits/ fees
Shivapuri National park permit- this is required for everyone. The permit cost 600 for foreigners. 300 NRS for SAARC countries and 50 NRS for Nepalese. TIMS card- this card cost 2000 for every foreigners. They have discount of SAARC countries and cost 1000. The permit is free for Nepalese.
Guides/ porters
It’s better if you have your guide with you to make journey easier and more joyful. They can help you with directions, talk to local people and help you with foods and accommodation. However if you are already familiar with the place you can go on your own. Guides may charge you 1500-2000 per day. Porters are easily available to carry your belongings however they must not exceed 25 kilos. You can also share your porters if you don’t have much belongings. They may charge you 800-1000 per day.
Communication and electronic
You don’t have to worry about mobile network coverage and electricity in Chisapani or on its trail. You can have enough places to charge your electronics and phones. You can also have proper access to internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can call and talk to anyone anytime during this trek.
Transportations facilities
Bus- bus is the cheapest yet very comfortable means to travel. As Chisapani is not really far from Kathmandu you don’t have to spend hours on bus. The road distance between Kathmandu to Chisapani is 195.4km. However Kathmandu and Chisapani doesn’t have direct connection. Airplane – you can always go by plane but it is quite of an unusual route. You have to take direct flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar airport which will take around 30 minutes and cost you 3000-4000NRS. And you need to drive to Chisapani. Next route is a flight from janakpur and drive from janakpur to Chisapani which will take you 7 hours. Next is fly to Tumlingtar and drive for 4-5 hours to reach Chisapani. Last option is to fly Rajbiraj and drive 6 hours to Chisapani.

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