Kanjiroba Expedition

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40 Days

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Teahouse/Lodge, Tented Camp



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Autumn, Spring

Kanjiroba Expedition Overview

Mountain Kanjiroba is a distinctive peak situated in the Dolpo region. It is an adventurous climb due to its undiscovered trails. The experience through the high level of alpine adventure and extreme wilderness are enthralling. Climbers and trekkers can scale the height of 6883m during the Kanjiroba Expedition. Overcoming the summit has become a popular trend. This is due to its unexplored and challenging route for trekkers/climbers.

The route starts in Juphal, and after passing via Jopala Khola, it ends in Kanjiroba Base Camp after summiting the peak. The course comprises interesting passes, waterfalls, villages, wildlife, flora, and fauna. The trekkers experience the genuine customs of the surrounding inhabitants. The trails during the trek are religiously diverse, thanks to the trail’s abundance of settlements. The Kanjiroba Expedition voyage is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to a place where few people have ever set foot.

Marvel Trek is a licensed expedition company. It has been providing the best facilities and services to its climbers since 1998 along with some great experiences. We not only keep your safety as the priority. But also guide you to fulfill your wish of experiencing the thrill of climbing a mountain. The entire team of Marvel Trek is full of professionals who will be there to support and guide you throughout your mountaineering adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature/weather forecast/Altitude
The weather is unpredictable and highly fluctuates in the Kanjiroba area. During summer, the maximum temperature is only around 15 degrees. Meanwhile, the temperature drops and reaches even below -5 degrees during winters. The trips are planned from June to September when the temperature fluctuates between 15 to 10 degrees. Weather forecast is obtained from the Meteotest located in Bern, Switzerland. The actual climb is above 6,000m.
Best season to climb
The peak can be climbed from April to September. The weather is chill, warm and dry during this time of the year, and climbers can win the summit with less difficulty. However, during winter, the weather becomes extreme, and the temperature drops even below -5 degrees.
The duration of the expedition is 40-43 days, which is a longer duration.
Food, oxygen and accommodation facilities
Quality food will be served three times a day, along with warm and comfortable accommodation throughout the 40-43 days long trip. Comfortable hotels will be arranged while staying in the city. While in the mountains separate tents will be set up. However, while staying in Kathmandu, only dinner will be provided by the company. You have to pay for your breakfast and lunch by yourself. But once the trip starts from there, the company will arrange for all the meals. Also, tea and coffee will be served for you to enjoy the trip even more. Required oxygen masks will be provided, and regulators and extra cylinders will be carried in case of emergencies.
Clothing & equipment
The company will not provide any personal pieces of equipment. So, you have to carry your warm clothes and other necessary items. Clients should also bear their trekking or climbing gear based on the equipment list provided.
Guide/Sherpas/porter/team members
The entire team of Marvel Trek comprises experts and professional mountaineers who have been climbing mountains for ages and know them well. Every client will be facilitated with one experienced and licensed Sherpa to guide them. Also, there are experienced and skilled cooks who will be making sure that you get a warm meal every day.
Communication and electronics (phone/ internet)
The climbers will get satellite phones to communicate.
Besides the international flights to reach Nepal, the travelling package will include all the travelling expenses.
Medical equipment and safety tools will always be on standby in case of emergencies.
Permits and fees
Climbers should carry their passports and should have mountaineering insurance. Besides this, the company will pay for the air cargo charges. We will take care of all the taxes to the Nepali government on your behalf. The company will also take care of different Royalties and permits from the Nepali government. We will also arrange for the permits to enter the National Park entry and to carry satellite phones.

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Kanjiroba Expedition



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