Mt. Everest Expedition | 8848.86M | 2024 | Via Tibet

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Mt. Everest Expedition | 8848.86M | 2024 | Via Tibet Overview

OveraMount Everest Expedition from Tibet is the expedition package in which the highest peak of the world (8848 m) is the dream of every climber. We help make this dream a reality. Our Mount Everest Expedition from Tibet begins in Kathmandu: we meet at the hotel “Yak & Yeti”. Since it is possible to arrive on different flights, transfers from the airport to the hotel can be arranged.

On the first day, we deal with obtaining a Tibetan visa. After preparing for departure and visiting interesting places in the capital of Nepal.

Two days later we begin our journey to Tibet: we fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, the ancient capital of Tibet. We examine the city and after 2 days we move to Shigatse (3900m). The next day we are in the city of Shegar (Xegar, 4200m). We arranged a day of rest in Shegara to acclimatize, and the next day we moved to Everest Base Camp (BC, 5200m).

Climbers conquer Everest via Tibet, reaching the world’s highest summit. So, Sherpas guides adventurers on the challenging Everest expedition through Tibet.

The Tibetan route attracts climbers seeking a unique mountaineering experience. That’s why, Mountaineers ascend Everest from Tibet, facing extreme altitudes and treacherous terrain.

Tibet serves as a gateway for climbers pursuing the ultimate Everest expedition. Climbers overcome obstacles on the Tibet route to reach Everest’s majestic peak. The Tibetan trail offers breathtaking views during the mission. Climbers prepare for the demanding trip through Tibet’s base camps.

Tibet’s rugged landscape adds an extra element of challenge to the Everest expedition. Expeditions via Tibet provide climbers with an unparalleled Everest summit experience. Climbers brave frigid temperatures on the Tibet route to conquer Mount Everest.

The Tibetan approach to Everest demands careful acclimatization and strategic planning. Adventurers face unpredictable weather conditions during the Everest expedition via Tibet. Climbers endure physically and mentally demanding conditions on the Tibet-Everest journey.

In addition, Mountaineering teams navigate through crevasses and icefalls on the Tibet route to Everest. The Tibet-Everest expedition showcases the indomitable spirit of human exploration. Therefore, Climbers form bonds and rely on teamwork during the arduous climbing via Tibet. Tibetan guides offer invaluable support and expertise on the Everest summit journey.

Lastly, The Everest expedition from Tibet attracts thrill-seekers from around the world. Overall, Mountaineers tackle the immense challenge of Everest via Tibet, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

Highlights of Mt. Everest Expedition | 8848.86M | 2024 | Via Tibet

  • Sightseeing tour to Historical, Cultural, and Natural Heritage Sites of Nepal.
  • Trek to breathtaking Everest, the world’s highest peak.
  • Hike to Kalapatthar (5545m), Everest Base Camp.
  • Incredible Buddhist monastery (Tengboche Monastery), explore Sherpa people
  • and their lifestyle.
  • Visit the school established by Sir, Edmund Hillary, Head of Snow Man(Yeti), in
  • the mountain villages of Khumjung.
  • Magnificent views of Mountain Peaks from Everest Summit.

Trip Map

The climbing period in Everest Expedition from Tibet

After 2-3 days of rest in BC, we begin, with the help of yaks, lifting equipment to the Advanced Base Camp (hereinafter referred to as ABC, 6400 m). After its opening, the expedition members go to the ABC the next day. A comfortable camp is being established here, similar to our BC.

A little later, after our Sherpas set Camp 1 on the North Col (7000m) but we will go up there and spend one night there for acclimatization. After that, we go down to BC and rest for 3-4 days. At this time, our Sherpas will set Camp 2 (7700m). We will reach Camp 1 (on the North Col) on the next exit and try to climb Camp 2.

Usually, this is difficult to do right away or due to bad weather or lack of acclimatization. In case of failure, we will descend to ABC, and after a rest, we will try to reach the camp 7700m again. After we spend one night in camp 2 (7700m), we will descend to BC for a long rest.

At this time the Sherpas will establish Camp 3 (8300m). After May 15-17, climbers, as a rule, are in the ABC camp and begin to wait for a favorable period of whether to carry out a decisive assault. Practically, having risen to camp 3, one attempt can be made. It will not be possible to recover quickly and the supply of oxygen will be spent.

The advantage of our Mount Everest Expedition from Tibet is that it does not start too early and that it ends after June 1st.

The end of May is usually the best time to climb in terms of weather. We return to Kathmandu on June 5-6 after finishing Mount Everest Expedition from Tibet. We place again in “Yak & Yeti”. From here, the team goes home, taking a piece of Everest with them in their own heart.

Everest Tour

This is an Adventure trip for travelers on limited time & Budget. The breathtaking overland route from Kathmandu to Lhasa offers truly spectacular views of the Himalayas, High mountain passes, ancient monasteries, fortresses & culture from a bygone era. This popular tour to Tibet is an 8-day trip, traveling along one of the most spectacular overland journeys on the 920 km stretch of road, known as the Friendship highway, between Kathmandu & Lhasa and fly back from Lhasa Airport.

The trip allows a number of detours to the highlights of the Tsang Province and Lhasa City, and offers a spectacular insight into the life and culture of the friendly Tibetan people so  from the ancient monasteries with chanting monks, to the tranquil shores of the Turquoise Lake Yamdrok tso and  to the kumbum (literally 100,00 images), the most stunning architectural wonder of Tibet & to the city of wonders, Lhasa. This trip concludes with the breathtaking Trans-Himalayan flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu.

Expedition Equipment List

Travel Documents  Hands
Valid Passport Thin Fleece Gloves (2 Pairs)
Credit/Debit Card Wind Stopper / Screen Tap Gloves (2 Pairs)
pP Size Photo (4 Pieces) Heavy Gloves (Guide Gloves)
Insurance Paper And Contact Address Summit Gloves – 8000m.
Foot Wear Sleeping Bags
Summit Boot – 8000m. (Kailas / Lasportiva / Millet ) Sleeping Bag -20OC to -30OC
Climbing Boot – 6000m. (Kailas / Lasportiva / Millet) Down Sleeping Bag -40OC (Extreme Comfort)
Normal Socks (5-8 Pairs) Thermarest Mattress (Cell Foam)
Summit Socks/6000 m. Socks (2 Pairs) Down Mattress (Inflatable)
Trekking Shoes (Gore Tex) Sleeping Bag Liner
Light Trekking/Sports Shoes Inflatable Pillow
Camp Booties (1 Pair) Climbing Equipment
Slipper (1 Pair) Climbing Helmet
Upper Body Summit Down Suit – 8000m.
Thermal Top Base Layer (2-3 Pcs) Ice Axe with Spike & Axe Protector Harness
Fleece Jacket (1-2 Pcs) Belay Devices/ Figure of 8/ ATC Guide Jumar / Ascender
Gore Tex Jacket (1 Pcs) Lock Carabiner (3 Pcs) Unlock Carabiner (2 Pcs) Tape Slings/240 cm
Wind Proof Jacket (1-2 Pcs) Snow Goggle (Summit Purpose, Antifog, Polarized, UV Protection)
Down Jacket (1-2 Pcs) Head Light 500-700 Lumens Spare
Cotton T-Shirt (3-5 Pcs) Battery (Energizer Ultimate Lithium)
Lower Body Satellite Phone With Credit (Optional)
Thermal Bottom Base Layer (2-3 Pcs) Walking Stick/ Trekking Pole
Fleece Trouser (1-2 pcs) Pocket Knife (Swiss)
Gore Tex Pant (1 pcs) Altimeter Watch
Light Weight Quick Dry Trekking Pants (2-3 Pairs) Pee Bottle
Gaiters for trekking boots Power Bank
Down Pants (1pcs) Crampons (Fit with Boot)/Packing Cover
Under Wear (4-6 Pcs) Bag Packs
Sun Stuffs Rucksacks 35 L – 50 L
Banana Boat/ Nivea Sun Cream (up to -50 Spf) Duffle Bag 120 L-150 L (2 Pcs)
Lip Guard -30 to -50 (Spf) Lundry/Garbage Bag (Large)
Sun Glasses (Uv Protection) Water Proof Stuff Sacks/Dry Bag- Small/ Medium/ Large (3-4 Pcs)
Glaciers Glasses (Uv Protection) Medical/First Aid 
Moisturiser / Lotion Brufen / Ibuprofens
Eating & Drinking Antibiotic
1 Ltr. Water Bottle Diamox
1/ 1.5 Ltr. Thermos Paracetamol
Mug (Opt.) Handy Plaster
Spoon/ Fork (Opt.) Crack Bandage
Bowl (Opt.) Tincture Iodine
Miscellaneous Ondem
Nail Cutter Cetirizine
Umbrella / Rain Coat Electrolyte
Hot Water Bag Minil 10mg (Palpitation, anxiety)
Camera Codopar (Headache & chest pain)
GPS Tracker (Recommended) Salbetol 4mg (Breathless)
Hand & Toe Warmer Azithromycin 500mg (chronic tonsillitis, fever, nose, throat infection-must take 5 days)
Toiletries (Personal)  Flupen 250mg (prevent wound infection)
Toilet Paper / Wet Tissue Allegra 120/180mg (Allergic tonsil)
Toothpaste Menstrual Products
Toothbrush Head
Soap Sun Cap
Shampoo Balaclava
Towel Fleece Hat/ Warm Hat (1-2 Pcs)
Garbage Bag Neck Gaiter (2-3 Pcs)

Payment and cancellation

Policy regarding Payment and Cancellation Payment:

1) To confirm a reservation, a deposit equal to 30% of the total price is required.
2) If the payment is made online, the remaining balance is due 10 days before the Tour, Trekking, Peak Climbing, or Expedition begins. If the payment is made in cash, it can be made after arrival. 3) If the booking is made within 30 days of the expedition beginning, full payment must be made at the time of booking.

1)A full refund of the deposit will be given if a Tour, Trek, Peak Climbing, or Expedition is canceled more than 60 days before the start date.
2)The deposit will not be refunded if a Tour, Trek, Peak Climbing, or Expedition is canceled within 30 days of its start date.
3)A tour, trek, peak climbing, or expedition will not be refunded if it is canceled prior to or on the start date.
4)All participants should strongly consider purchasing travel insurance to cover any unforeseen cancellations or other occurrences.

Note: We reserve the right to modify or cancel any trek in the event of a natural disaster, political unrest, or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, a full refund or an alternative option will be provided.

Dates of Trip


Group Discount Prices

No. of Persons
Price per Person
1 Persons
2 Persons
3-5 Persons
6-9 Persons
10-14 Persons
15-17 Persons
17-25 Persons

Booking Details

Base Camp Service – $4400

  • Arrival and Departure: Marvel Treks and Expedition will assist you with Airport (pick up and drop), hotel transfer and sightseeing in and around Kathmandu.
  • Hotel Accommodation In Kathmandu: Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide you with a standard hotel (3-star or five-star) in Kathmandu Valley for your stay here.
  • Welcome Dinner:  We will provide you with a welcome dinner consisting of Authentic Nepali foods which will melt your soul.
  • Cargo Clearance: Marvel Treks and Expedition will do International Cargo clearance and deliver the government taxes before the commencement of the expedition.
  • Permit: Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide Expedition Royalty and permit of Nepal Government to climb Mt. Everest, Sagarmatha National Park entry fee, TIMS CARD & other essential local taxes.
  • Khumbu Pollution and Garbage Management System: Our company will provide your permit from Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) and empty all the charges and clear the garbage on the last day of the expedition. We will also be providing you with the Stool (faeces) management system, shipment system, and garbage disposal system.
  • Liaison Officer: Marvel Treks and Expedition will deliver you a Government Liaison officer with full equipment ($2,500), compensation and accommodation.
  • Insurance: All the essential Medical & Emergency rescue Insurance for all engaged Nepalese staff throughout the trekking and expedition.
  • Map: Marvel Treks and Expedition will offer you all the vital trekking maps and climbing route tracks.
  • Member transportation: Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide you with an early flight from Kathmandu – Lukla or while going back Lukla – Kathmandu, as instructed by the itinerary. Then, trek from Lukla to Base Camp and then climb Everest. But if you are a regular trekker who wishes to climb Mt. Everest from Base Camp, we will provide you with a Helicopter ride. You will have a heli tour from Kathmandu to Base Camp directly.
  • Expedition Items Transportation: Marvel Treks and Expedition will take you along with all your essential gears in the vehicle with all staff from Kathmandu to Lukla or Lukla to Kathmandu (by air cargo) and Base camp (via Porters/ Pony/ Yak). According to your preference for the itinerary expedition, our staff will take you by a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or vice versa.
  • Member Luggage: The maximum load of 35 kg is the limit for all the personal items of baggage you will carry. More load than that couldn’t be handled by porters or Yak.
  • Food and Lodging: Our Company will provide you with three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; including tea and coffee) along with available accommodation at Hotel/Guest House/Tea house throughout the trek and at the Basecamp. Along with a well-managed system of tents or outdoor living with the help of our staff.
  • Porter: Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide you with Porters per individual up to Base camp from Lukla and also vice versa.
  • Base Camp Staff:  Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide you with professional and expert Base Camp Cooks & kitchen Helpers as per your necessity.
  • Staff Salary and allowance: Marvel Treks and Expedition will deliver all the daily wages, salary, equipment, food & clothing for our Nepalese staff and porters.
  • Base Camp Tent: Our agency will provide the individual member with a personal North Face tent in Base Camp.
  • Base Camp equipment: Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide you with foam mattresses and pillows per member, one dining Tent, one Kitchen Tent, one Communication tent, one Toilet and one Shower Tent, one Staffs Tent, one Tent for Nepalese base camp staff, Store tent, Tables, chairs and all the essential cooking gears.
  • Solar/Generator/Inverter: Marvel Treks and Expedition will offer you one Solar panel and Generator for lights at base camp, and a battery charger for your electronic devices.
  • Marvel Treks and Expedition will provide an Extensive Medical kit for members, Sherpas and staff.
  • Certificate:  Marvel Travels and Treks will provide you with an accomplishment certificate issued by MoCTCA and Marvel Treks and Expedition itself (after climbing Mt. Everest successfully).

**Note: All expedition trekking gears and equipment borrowed from Marvel Treks and Expedition should be returned after the expedition.

  • Air Fare: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be providing International flight airfare (from and to Kathmandu).
  • Nepal entry Visa fee: Marvel Treks won’t be providing Nepali Visa fees.
  • Lunch & Dinner: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be providing Lunch & dinner throughout your stay in Kathmandu (also in the issue of early return from Trekking /Expedition that is not scheduled in the itinerary)
  • Extra night in Kathmandu: Our company won’t provide all the extra night accommodation in Kathmandu. 
  • Insurance: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be responsible for Expedition and high-altitude insurance, calamity, medical & emergency evacuation.
  • Rescue Evacuation: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be responsible for Medical Insurance and emergency rescue evacuation cost (if required). (Rescue, Medication, Medical Tests and Hospitalization expenditures.)
  • Personal Expenses:  All Personal Expenses like Telephone Calls, Internet, Toiletries, battery recharge, hot shower, laundry, soft beverages, beers and any Alcoholic drinks etc won’t be under Marvel Treks and Expedition.
  • Toiletries: All Personal hygiene products like Soaps, shampoos, toilet and tissue papers, toothpaste, etc won’t be provided by Marvel Treks and Expedition
  • Filming: Marvel Treks and Expedition doesn’t include all the Special Filming, Camera and Drone permit/entry fees.
  • Internet Service: Marvel Treks and Travels won’t be including any Internet Facilities during the trek.
  • High Altitude Climbing Sherpa: We won’t provide you the Government licensed trekking expert, experienced and once-climbed Sherpas to assist you while climbing. 
  • Climbing Sherpa Salary & Allowance: Marvel Treks and Travels will not be responsible for the trekking Sherpa Salary, trekking gear, Food and Clothing.
  • Oxygen Bottle (O2): Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be supplying an Oxygen cylinder: 3 oxygen bottles (2.5 litres.) per trekker and 2 oxygen bottles for individual high-summit Sherpa. 
  • Oxygen Mask & Regulator:  Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t provide you with a set of High Altitude Oxygen masks for each member and high-altitude Sherpa. 
  • High camp service: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be providing you with a high altitude tent, Necessary cooking EPI gas, a cooking pot for a member.
  • A Satellite Phone: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t provide you with a Satellite Phone for emergency contact held by Sherpa. 
  • Walkie-Talkie: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t provide you with a Walkie–Talkie for intercommunicating from Base Camp to Mountain and vice versa.
  • Permit:  Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t provide you with a satellite Phone/walkie-talkie permit for all associates and staff.
  • Rope Fixing: Marvel Treks and Travels won’t be including all the essential costs of using fixed rope during the expedition
  • Summit Bonus: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be responsible for bonus for climbing experienced Sherpa- Minimum 2500 USD.
  • Tips: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be conversing with any tips for Basecamp staff. Please be generous to our staff who helped you.
  • Extra: Marvel Treks and Expedition won’t be responsible for any other services or actions, which are not noted in the itinerary.
  • We won’t be taking responsibility for any other activities or items that are not listed in the “Cost Includes”  Section.
Price: US$19800 per person

Mt. Everest Expedition | 8848.86M | 2024 | Via Tibet

$19,800.00 $19,800.00,



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