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Khopra ridge Overview

Khopra Ridge (Khopra Danda) resides in a heart of Annapurna region, and is situated inside Annapurna conservation area. Khopra Ridge lies at the height of 3640m and was officially opened to visitors in 2012. Trek to Khopra ridge is mostly combined with Khayar Lake Which is another magnificent place to explore. In Khopra ridge, you can see astonishing views of not only one, and two but 23 Himalayan peaks including Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Annapurna I, II,III and south , Himchuli, Mt Fishtail etc. making it excellent alternative trek to other base camps. Trail to Khopra ridge offers you the beauty of alpine meadows, dense forest, Rhododendron forest and beautiful small villages with very different lifestyles of Gurung, Magar, Brahmins and Chetri. Since the Khopra ridge is very less crowded area, it is one of the best destination to those who wants to explore the beauty of Nepal but still want the peaceful journey.

This route might take you around 10-12 days if you take proper rest and take day off. This route might cost you around 500-550$ including your price of flights, foods and accommodation. However it is important to note that all your expenses depends on what mode of transportation you choose, and level of facilities you need.

Best time to visit

Spring (March- May), and autumn (September- November) is considered as best season or best months to visit Khopra Ridge. With bearable temperature, and all the clear views of mountains, greeneries of forest and blooming flowers Including Rhododendron makes this time perfect to visit. It is still possible to Trek in winter but the temperature is quite low and extreme cold with snowfall. Monsoon season is also the Rainy season so the trails are very slippery and muddy. Monsoon is not really considered as ideal season to trek Khopra Ridge.


Even though the trek to Khopra ridge is not very difficult it is still all about walking 5-6 hours per day. You do not need past experiences to trek up to Khopra ridge but if you want to go Khayar lake it is better if you have past experiences. If you think you are not fit enough than you can always shorten the route and chose the easy one. It is always better to do some light exercises and running before starting your trek. Suffering from altitude sickness is very low but still you have to be hydrated throughout the way and eat nutritional food.

Other requirements

Travel insurance- you can always purchase your own travel insurance. It usually cost around 150$(15000 NRS) good for 30 days. It is important to mention or cover high altitudes since trekkers sometime really needs to be evacuated from helicopter. Travel Insurance depends on the details you have provided that’s why it’s important to notify them earlier about the altitudes you will be reaching. You can get your travel insurance from travel agencies or insurance company itself.

Visas/passports – foreigners other than Indians need to have valid visas and passports prior to visiting Nepal. The passport must hold minimum 6 months of visa validity from their date of arrival. They can have the Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport

Packing List

Clothing and equipment 

Sleeping bags  Down jackets
Duffel bags  Fleece jackets
Backpack  Trekking trousers
Trekking pole  Raincoats 
Money/cash  Trekking shorts
Warm shirts and T shirts  Hiking boots
Water proof pants  Hiking shocks
Water proof jackets  Slippers
Beanies and gloves  Sunglasses
Travel towel  Underwear
Wash kit  Hand sanitizers
Safety kit  Tissue papers and trash bags
Water bottles and water purifier  Medicines
Camera  Thermal tops and bottoms
Charger/adapter  Passports and few passport sized  photos
Power bank  Torch lights
Pads and tampons  Summer winter hats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature and weather
In Khopra Ridge like rest of the places, temperature is different in all seasons. In spring (March – May), the temperature can range from7-13 degree Celsius during the day while it can fall around 6.5-1.5 degree Celsius. During the fall season, the temperature at day time ranges from 5-13 degree Celsius and can fall around 8-0 degree Celsius at night time.
Communication electronic
On the way to Khopra Ridge you can get enough facilities of Wi-Fi so that you can be updated and connected with your friends or families. Electricity is not much of a problem there so you will get enough time to charge your phones or electronics. Cell phone, telephones and coverage is available in most of the area to Khopra ridge.
Foods and accommodation
Accommodation –trek to Khopra ridge is kind of a new experience to trekkers as well as local people there. They do have some facilities of tea houses and community lodges throughout the way. However you have to share your room, toilets and dining hall to other trekkers as well. You can also get hot water for shower but need to pay some extra money for it. In Khopra Ridge itself you will get only 1 or 2 teahouses which is very packed during peak seasons. Food- here you will get enough options of food like Dal, Bhat, and vegetables, eggs, potatoes, porridge, pasta, cold drinks etc. traditional dal Bhat might cost you quite expensive around 750-1000. Soft drinks cost 120-150 NRS, tea/coffee 50-100 NRS, and one liter of boiled water cost 50 NRS. Non vegetarian food is quite difficult to get in Khopra ridge.
Khopra ridge is quite peaceful area. You will only meet few people on the way. So having your own guide is very important. They help you with directions, additional information, and have proper knowledge of foods and accommodation. Hiring a guide definitely makes the journey more memorable. They might cost you around 30-35 $ per day. Porters are available throughout the way to Khopra ridge. They will carry your belongings to help you feel less tired. They might cost you around 20-25$.
Bus- after your arrival at Kathmandu you can get a bus to Pokhara which takes around 5-6 hours and cost you around 500-600 NRS. From Pokhara you can still get a ride to Tirkhedhunga which takes around 4 hours. But from Tirkhedhunga you need to start your trekking. Airplane- the flights provided are Kathmandu to Pokhara which takes 25-30 minutes and around 3000-4000 NRS. However form Pokhara either you can take jeep to Ghandruk or walk further to reach your destination.
Annapurna Conservation area Permit (ACAP) - you will need this permit on your way to Khopra Ridge. It cost 3000 for all the foreigners. TIMs- it cost 20$ (2000NRS) per person You can get these permit from Nepal tourism Board in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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Khopra ridge



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