Travel Insurance

Nepal is known for its adventure opportunities, therefore getting yourself insured before embarking on an adventure is usually a good idea. It is advisable to obtain trekking insurance if you are going on a hiking excursion.

Travel insurance is a must-have document when you travel.  You should have insurance coverage for deaths, illness, accidents, medical expenses, emergency cases(aircraft rescue). Travel insurance not only protects you against the risks of traveling in any country, but it also ensures that you have a stress-free trip to Nepal. It will be fruitful to you if your insurance looks after trip cancellation, luggage, loss, etc. You should be able to present the documents at the times you are asked to.  The travel company wouldn’t consider verifying you as a part of a trip if you failed to do so.

Unless you have travel insurance, Glorious Eco Trek Nepal will not accept you. We’ve made it a requirement for all customers planning trips to Nepal. We believe that being prepared for unexpected dangers that may arise when traveling is always a smart idea.

Many tourists questioned that: Does your company provide insurance facilities to your customers? Talking about the medical insurance facilities. We are sorry to say that we do not provide any kind of insurance facilities to the travelers. So about the insurance, the travelers themselves should be responsible for that. However, we can recommend you the place for medical insurance.

A variety of insurance businesses provide travel insurance services over the internet. You can choose from a wide range of insurance firms to suit your needs. Finally, purchase insurance that covers the expense of a helicopter rescue from the mountain in the event of a serious accident or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

Some of the Name of the travel insurace company are Travelex, Access America, HCC Medical Insurance Services, International Health, Cover More Travel Insurance,etc

Therefore, Travelers, trekkers, and mountaineer climbers are required to carry travel insurance/health insurance when visiting Nepal. If something goes wrong during your hike, peak climbing, or high altitude sickness, we can help you get out of there. That will be beneficial before to traveling to Nepal.