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Goisaikunda Lake Trek Overview

Standing steadily, at height of 4380m, the Goisaikunda Lake is one of the fresh water lake that lies in Langtang National park and in rasuwa district, have the surface area of 34 acres. Langtang National park was established in 1976BS, to save the unique animals and other species. The origin of Goisaikunda is said to be related with Hindu mythology involving Hindu deities Shiva and Gauri and therefore known as most holy lake in Nepal. Gosaikunda is significant place of interest to people who loves adventures and natural beauties. Gosaikunda is a home to 108 lakes and it melts to form the Trishuli River. Starting from either Dunche village or Shyabru Besi in Langtang Himal or in Sundarijal in Kathmandu valley the way to Gosaikunda Lake is full of mountain ranges and beautiful alpine forest, bamboo, and Rhododendrons. We can also barely see red pandas, musk deer, Himalayan Tahr etc. on our way.

Highlights of Goisaikunda Lake Trek

  • Explore the glorious and holy Gosaikunda Lake.
  • Stunning views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himalayas, Manaslu, and Annapurna range.
  • Tradition and culture of Tamang people
  • Walk through the beautiful Rhododendron and oak forest

Best time to travel

Autumn and spring season marks the best season for you to trek Gosaikunda Lake. With all the blossoms and greenery you will definitely enjoy your journey. There is stable weather and moderate temperature and the trails are in their best condition. However you can find some mosquitoes and leeches in this season.

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Temperature and weather
Lying at the elevation of 4380, Gosaikunda is definitely very cold place. You need to be aware of the weather and temperature before you go there. Sometimes, temperature and climatic condition in Gosaikunda can be quite unpredictable. Spring seasons in Goisaikunda is magnificent with all the view of red, pink and white Rhododendron and oak forest. The chance of rain in spring season is quite low, with moderate temperature. The temperature ranges 18-30 degree Celsius. And can fall around 18-6 degree Celsius. Summer seasons in Gosaikunda can be rainy and muddy. However if you enjoy rain, this is definitely a best time for you to go. There is heavier clouds due to monsoon and pre monsoon rains. During non-rainy days the temperature can range 22-30 degree Celsius. While it can still fall to 17-21 degree Celsius. During rainy days it can get quite colder. Autumn season is certainly among the best choice to visit Gosaikunda Lake. The temperature in this season can range from 20-28 degree Celsius while it can fall to 6-10 degree Celsius. Especially to those who really enjoy the flower blooming and greenery around trail. Since monsoon has just finished you will not be much bothered by rain. However you need be ready for occasional rain. The nights in this season can be quite cold and chilly so you need to consider some warm clothes. Winter (December- February) of course is very cold at this high altitude. January and February can be very snowy. Even though they have sunny days, Gosaikunda Lake remains frozen and covered with snow. Winter season is good for people who loves cold weather. You can actually get best views. You just need to be ready for super cold weather. With all your clothing and equipment because the trails can get slippery due to snow. Here the temperature can range from 18-22 degree Celsius and falls around 2to -6 degree Celsius. With this, basically Gosaikunda Lake is available and easy to trek in all months of the year.

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Goisaikunda Lake Trek



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