About Us

A brief overview of the kind of trips we offer.

Marvel Trek tries its best that the people joining on the trips get a chance to connect themselves with nature. Keeping this in mind, we organize special camping trips to the distant yet beautiful places of Nepal like Dolpa, which is home to the beautiful lake Shey Phoksundo and the valley of Nar Phu.

We also organize trekking trips so that people can enjoy the beauty and the adventure that lies in different routes. The duration of the trekking trips lasts for a few days to several days depending upon the location.

We also try our best to come up with trekking programs with flexible durations so that people can enjoy trekking based on their time availability. For those who want to trek more, we provide them with a 22 days trekking trip. We also organize treks on several new routes like the ones in Pike peak and Panch pokhari.

We also organize mountaineering trips for those who want to feel the thrill of climbing a mountain.

Unique trips of our company and what travelers like about it.

One of the many things that make us different from other groups, is our flexibility during our trips. While going on the trips, we already plan for a certain place where we will be camping. But while travelling on the trip, if our clients find a location with great views or find it worth spending a night there then we set a camp right there and then without any objections.

Giving a good time for our travelers is our prime objective, so we are always prepared for these sorts of wishes. Despite the place to set camp already being planned, we carry all sorts of equipment and supplies with us all the time that is required for setting a camp. So, when our clients come up with such requests we instantly agree to them without letting them down. We are flexible with our client’s requests and are well prepared to give them the best times of their life.

Traveler’s arrival Process

We get a lot of travelers from different countries, the majority of whom are from the USA and Japan. The travellers that join us on our trips take an international flight to Kathmandu International Airport by obtaining a VISA. They either fly directly or they take transit flights. Once they arrive, we pick them up from the airport and bring them to a 4-star hotel. We even book their flights on their behalf if they want. After they arrive in Nepal, we ensure that they feel the best hospitality.

While they are in Kathmandu, we also throw them a welcome dinner so that they get to befriend our team members. We also give them a briefing about our trip to prepare them for the trips. Even when we are on trips, we arrange for warm accommodations. We also have skilled cooks who serve warm and delicious meals with occasional tea and coffee when we are camping. We also make sure that we have expert guides and Sherpas in our team.

Background of our company

The Marvel trek has been organizing memorable trips with the best services ever since 1998. The company was started by Mr. Dhurba Lamsal, who was a guest house owner in Kathmandu till 1998. He then decided to expand his hospitality beyond just providing a place for the travellers to stay. He wanted to start a company that would take care of everything for the travellers during their trip so they don’t have to worry about other hassles of planning a trip.

Ever since then, Marvel trek has been organizing countless camping, trekking and mountaineering trips. We have organized more than 400 expeditions and more than 2500 successful peak climbing till date. Every year we get more than 400 groups of travellers who book us for trekking. We prioritize our guests’ wishes without compromising on the quality of the service that we provide. We arrange everything for them, from food, lodging to permits and passages. We also have our offices in the USA and Japan.

What makes your trips special?

We have an excellent team which guides and helps our clients. We have people who will pick up and drop off our clients from and to the airport. While going on trips, we always make sure that we travel with professional local guides who have experience. We also have a group of Nepalese and Russian international mountain guides and local licensed Sherpas for mountaineering trips.

Every guide and Sherpa is responsible for guiding only one client. This helps the clients to enjoy the trip as well as help the Sherpas to guide the trip without any hassles. There are local porters in our team who will help in carrying the luggage. We also have skilled cooks and kitchen helpers who feed our clients with delicious and healthy meals during camping. During our trip, we travel with a licensed government liaison officer who will make sure that we get all the permits for the trips without any problems.In case of emergency,medical assistance travels with us on every trip.

Recruit and trained Guides and Staffs

We are picky when it comes to recruiting our staff or training our guides. We recruit hard-working locals as our guides and staff and then provide them with training to ensure that they will become an expert and will give professional guidance when it’s required. We recruit the locals as they know the place better than anyone else. For the mountaineering training, we send our recruits to Nepal mountaineering association (NMA). They are trained for all sort tasks that are required for any expedition.

They are made familiar with dealing with the trails, rope fixing, safety enhancement along with waste management and emergencies. We also take help from the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) for trekking trips. Through TAAN, we make our guides and staff capable in assisting and making our trips safe and successful. During trips, it is equally important to provide the best hospitality. For this, we hire staff from the Nepal Academy of Tourism And Hotel Management.

Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism practices

We hire the locals from the local communities as our guides, Sherpas and porters, so that along with us even the local communities would get benefitted. Instead of a professional expert, we emphasize on hiring untrained but skilled locals and give them all the required training. We also make sure all the local staff, which has been working with us, gets fair pay. We even provide insurance to them. Besides this, we also train them to be conscious of the environment.

During their training, they are trained to manage garbage and waste during trips. They are made aware of the waste and garbage that come as a result of the trip which can harm the environment. We have a whole schedule during our trip, where we manage all the waste and clean the camping site. We try to use other sources of energy besides fuels for our trips. We use solar panels for power. We use generators only in places where the solar panels can’t be used. We are conscious about the need of having a sustainable environment.

Great experience when you travel with Marvel Treks

Marvel Trek is a company which works hard to satisfy its clients by providing the best hospitality and other services. We plan everything with the purpose that our clients should be satisfied. To ensure this, the first thing we do is provide them with trips at a reasonable price so that more travellers who wish to have trips and expeditions can easily have their dream come true.

We also ensure that they get to experience something new, something memorable, so we give them a chance to explore the places we are going through the food and entertainment. During the trips, they have options to choose from Nepalese food or local foods beside the western food. We also organize small programs where we interact with locals and get somewhat familiar with their cultures. Also, to overcome language barrier for the non-English speaking travellers, we facilitate them with international guides who can communicate with them in their native tongue.

Why work with Marvel Treks.

Our main reason for wishing to work with Marvel is the fact that we share the same goal which is to let the local experts shine while the travellers get a chance to go on trips without any hassles of planning them. We admire how you guys have been organizing memorable trips for your clients and inspiring the local communities at the same time. We are doing more or less the same thing in Nepal and other few countries like in Bhutan, Tibet, India and Pakistan that you guys are doing in the USA.

Like Marvel, we also hire skilled locals and connect them to our travellers. You guys have been doing such great work, it makes us wish to work together with you guys in the future. Also, we have already organized more than 2500 peak climbing and 400 plus expeditions till date and get more than 400 groups every year who book us for trekking trips. So, if we could work together then maybe you guys can use our experiences too as you guys have been organizing trips across the globe including Nepal.

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