Yalung Kang Expedition

Kangchenjunga Himalaya
Trip Grade
Level Of Difficulty
Lodging Level
52 days
Max Altitude
Max Aaltitude
Max Altitude
Flight & Private Vehicle
Max Altitude
Minimum Pax
min 2 pax


Yalung Kang, standing tall at 8,505m (8.505km), is the second tallest mountain within the Kanchenjunga massif. It falls entirely within the boundaries of Nepal.

It is also called the “Kanchenjunga West ” and lies in the northern part of the massif. The name “ Kanchenjunga” has been derived from four Tibetan words; ‘gangs’ which represent snow, ‘chen’ which represent the great, ‘mzod’ which represent treasure, and ‘inga’ which represent five.

All these words joined together to give the name ‘Kanchenjunga’, which means ‘the five treasures of the great snow’. It is believed that there are treasures of gold, stones, salts, medicines, and other valuables hidden within this mountain. There are three routes to climb Yalung Kang from Nepal.

Yalung Kang provides a heartwarming experience to its climbers and is the perfect escape from the day-to-day hustle for those who want to have some adventure in their life.

The route leading to Yalung Kang has a wide diversity of vegetation to see with an equally diverse climate and topography. It makes the expedition exciting.

ne can find glaciers, thick forests, and the valley on the way to the mountain. All this will make the trip refreshing as well as adventurous. 

                                                                                                                                              Yalung Kang Climbing Difficulties

The greatest challenge that one can face during Yalung Kang is the diversity of this region.  Besides the normal altitude sickness, the diverse vegetation, climate, and topography of this mountain make the trip hard.

Climbers have to be prepared to face different vegetations, climates, and landscapes as they climb upward. Since the routes to this mountain are the also least explored ones, you can’t be sure about the next place.

The glaciers, rivers, thick forests, passes, and valleys that fall on the way to the mountain are other challenges. Travelers who want to be a part of this expedition need to have a great deal of determination. They have to do a long week of trekking in trails filled with rocks adds more difficulty to the trip. 


Yalung Kang with the best Expedition company

The trip to Yalung Kang is exciting and adventurous, but it has its own set of challenges. Climbers have to climb along diverse landscapes and climates that can be challenging. Also, the routes are the least explored.

One might not know what comes next. So, proper and experienced guidance is a  must to make the climb safe.

It is why you will need Marvel Treks. The entire team of Marvel Trek works deliberately to provide the best services and facilities to you and makes sure that you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


When is Yalung Kang usually climbed?

Like for every other mountain climbing, the best season to climb Yalung Kang too would be spring. During spring, the climate is comparatively warmer as well as there are fewer chances of snowfalls.

In winter the temperature drops to -12 which gets worse during the early morning and late night. Also, there will be constant heavy snowfall which makes the trails more dangerous than they already are. 


How hard is it to climb Yalung Kang?

Climbing Yalung Kang is as much hard as climbing any other high mountain. Like every other climbing, there are chances of altitude sickness. But there are also many more difficulties that one has to face while climbing Yalung Kang. The routes for this expedition are the least explored.

It makes dealing with the diverse climate and topography more difficult. The pass, valleys, thick forests, unpredictable glaciers, and rivers are other challenges. All this makes the expedition to Yalung Kang more thrilling as well as dangerous.


How long does it take to climb Yalung Kang?

Climbing Yalung Kang might be an adventurous, thrilling, and self-refreshing activity yet it is dangerous too so making a rush might not be the best thing to do considering your safety.

The overall adventure of climbing Yalung Kang takes around 52 days. About 13 to14 days are needed to reach the base camp while the remaining days will be in the mountain.


Day 1: Arriving at a hotel in Kathmandu


Cost includes(Base camp service)

Transportation: Includes pickups and drop-offs from and to the airport along with domestic flights and jeep rides.

Food and accommodation: Accommodations will be provided in a 3-star hotel while staying in Kathmandu as well as during different stops on the trip. A welcome dinner will also be held to introduce our team to the clients. Later,3 meals will be served during the trip which will be cooked by talented cooks along with occasional teas and coffees.

Permits and fees: The company will pay for the air cargo charges as well as all the taxes to the Nepalese government on your behalf. The company will also take care of different Royalties and permits from the Nepalese government Restricted area permits will be arranged Permits for Walkie talkie as well as for satellite phone will also be provided Additional fees will also be paid for deposition of garbage and stool shipment

Insurance: The company will cover for insurances of all the involved staff in case of accidents.

Equipment: All the tools and equipment that will be needed for the expedition will be transported by the company through air cargo and potters. In case of unfavorable circumstances, it may also be done through land or helicopters.

Liaison Officer, Sherpas, and porters: Every member will be facilitated with one Sherpa and one porter. Also, a legit government Liaison will be present throughout the expedition

Base camp staff and equipment: The base camp will be fully equipped with a separate kitchen tent, dining tent, communication tent along toilet tent along with all the other necessary items that are needed for a comfortable stay. Solar panels or generators will also be managed for electricity as well as the dining tent and other tents will be equipped with heaters to keep you warm. Expert cooks and porters will be t