Is Marijuana Legal in Nepal?

The short answer to this question is “NO”. Marijuana is not legal in Nepal. In 1973, Marijuana was officially illegalized under the pressure of the administration of US President Richard Nixon, the World Health Organization, and a few Nepalese. It was completely legal during the 1960s, and 1970s, as our country has a very favorable climate for the farming of Marijuana. But, despite being illegal, the fact that marijuana is found very easily and more than half of Nepalese are consuming it, is not hidden anymore.

Buyers, sellers, and traffickers are still here in abundance. There was also a street named freak street during the 1960s, where marijuana was sold publicly in different shops. They are still selling it but with limited restrictions, and only at night. 

 If you visit the Thamel area at night, you get to see many people selling Marijuana. They keep asking if you want to smoke or anything else that is not very legal. So, you just need to ignore them and walk if you don’t want anything from them. They are said to be very dangerous and arrogant, so it is best to avoid talking.

It is also found in other places of Kathmandu. Wherever you are, if you ever saw anyone trying to come near you and ask about smokes, it is best to ignore them if you don’t want any kind of issues or fights. They have been selling, buying, and using these things for centuries. They have their own committee and rules. 

However, cabinet meeting has been strictly going on between authorities. Different topics like how to reduce the use of marijuana, what kind of punishment should be given, or what can be done to raise awareness among people on this matter, are constantly discussed. 

There has also been the constant effort of police officers who keep checking different places at night to see if there is anything illegal going on. They also sometimes destroy marijuana farming in 

different villages. Despite everyone’s effort, the illegalization of Marijuana, drugs, cannabis, opium, and other recreational narcotics are just another law the Nepal government has failed to imply effectively.  

Recently, there have been many protests demanding the legalization of Marijuana. We all know that Marijuana does have some medicinal purpose and helps with many sicknesses. Some people state that Marijuana helped them cope with pain and to stay away from alcohol and other drugs.

According to Hinduism, Marijuana is also used by Gods, so there are festivals like Shivaratri where the use of Marijuana is legalized for one day. The use of Marijuana is sort of religion to some Hindu devotees. Considering these all facts people have been trying hard to deliver their thoughts and opinions to Government so that it will be legalized soon.      

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