rafting in nepal
A river trip in Nepal is a wonderful way to explore and experience Nepal’s natural and enthno-cultural heritage.
Jungle Safari
Elephant rides are the best way to explore the jungle and search for wildlife.
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Nepal, cradled on the lap of the great Himalayan range of mountains. This tiny country, sandwiched between the Indian sub- continent in the south and the barren plateau of Tibet in the North, has eight of the world’s fourteen highest peaks.

temple of nepalNepal is a mystic and sacred land, where Lord Buddha was born over 2500 years ago, has one of the most unique and exotic cultures. Nepal became the most popular traveler’s destinations in the world in terms of Bio-diversity.

The elevation of the country is 60m above the sea level to the highest peak 8,8,48m and ranging the climate condition all within the 150km. This wild variation fosters an incredible variety of ecosystem the greatest mountain range in the world, thick tropical jungles teeming, forested hills and the tremendous Himalayan setting of great beauty.

Nepal reflects the beautiful unique mixed culture and tradition of 61 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages. Nepal’s the most special treasures of all is its peoples- warm, inviting, cheerful and generous in their hospitality. Nepal offers astonishing diversities in mountaineering, white water rafting, culture, meditation trip, trekking, sight seeing, jungle safari and many more different adventure opportunity not available anywhere else in the world.
General Information
Nepal extends trouble-free issuance of visa to all the citizens worldwide at Royal Nepalese Embassies or Consulates abroad and at entry-point Immigration Offices. Presentation of a valid passport, two passport size photos and fees mentioned below are required.

Immigration Office
Department of Immigration (Kathmandu) Recently move to Bhrikuti Mandap next to the Tourist Service Centre.
Visa extension and trekking permit applications are accepted from 9:00 to 1:00 PM only (but not accepted after 12:00 on Friday).
Mon - Fri 9AM - 4PM -Winter- Mon - Fri 9 AM -5PM - Summer-

nature of nepalImportant Note to all Visitors and Trekkers
Here's a little legalese from the Nepalese ~ requesting your cooperation to observe the following guidelines during your stay in Nepal. All foreign visitors are requested to be mindful of the date of expiry of the Nepalese visa and their passports to avoid future problems. As such, you are requested to apply for a visa extension, if you wish so, within the valid period of the Nepalese visa. You are requested to get the arrival/departure stamp on your passport at the entry/exit points to avoid further complications. Living in Nepal without passport or a valid visa is a punishable offense. Deviation from the prescribed routes in the trekking permit will be treated as the violation of the law.

You are advised to be aware of brokers/cheaters or any counterfeit documents of visa/trekking permits to avoid legal complications. If you are not visiting/trekking through any authorized agency, do not use mediators for visa/trekking permits. You are requested to contact the Immigration Office directly.

Change of purpose of stay without permission is not allowed and employment or voluntary service while on a tourist visa is strictly prohibited. It will be a punishable offense.

Be sure to register at the police and Immigration cheek point along the trail. It is wise to register your trekking destination and schedule at your Embassy or Consulate. If you encounter problems along the trails, report them to the nearest police or Immigration post. You are requested to change money with authorized dealers and do not forget to take formal receipts. You are requested to inform the Immigration Office or Police Station for any changes in your address previously given in the visa application form. You are advised to be mindful to contact the Immigration Department for visa transfer in case of getting new passport or travel document from you Embassy/Consulate. Passport and trekking permit should be kept by the trekker while trekking. Filming in restricted areas or notified areas without permission is strictly prohibited.

Respect local traditions, customs, values and sentiments to help them protect local cultures and maintain local pride.

- Respect privacy when taking photographs
- Respect holy places
- Refrain from giving money to children since it will encourage begging
- Respect for local etiquette earns you respect
- Let the Himalayas change you
- Do not change them
- Protect the natural environment
- Leave the campsite cleaner than you have found it
- Limit deforestati